Voicetel Security Management

System Overview

State of art for interface with Security System. Reduce time and cost, in-crease quality of whole security system. Design for integrate with security and building automation system. Easy to use for remote site.

Security Management Program is a tailor made software can integrate with all security system, centralized security management for the real-time moni-toring and control of alarms and events across multi-sites and multiple secu-rity systems including CCTV, All type of Access control, Fire Alarm, All type of perimeter intrusion system, Building automation and custom made for any security system.

Main Feature

  • Microsoft SQL database support
  • Microsoft Windows Platform with username and password protection (120 level)
  • Multilingual and custom to Thai language
  • Two-way communication, get and sent alarm to another system that able to receive and transmit alarm signal
  • GUI, Map floor plan Support with equipment icon and command to con-trol equipment for user friendly
  • Log report include System log, Alarm log and user activity log - able to keep all transaction log
  • System self-test do not interfere with the system
  • Immediately alarm and customize by text and color



  • Reduce operation cost.
  • Control and status monitoring of system
  • API and OPC Supports open architecture to integrate with other system platforms.
  • Anywhere, any user can access anytime
  • Easy – to – use, Protect asset by one platform


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